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Thrift's amazing SUPER-PRO Acid formula is a heavy-duty acid drain cleaner. It is a 95% Virgin sulfuric acid without all the nasty side effects typical of other acids. If you are going to sell sulfuric acid to your customers, shouldn't it be the safest one?

Thrift SUPER-PRO Acid is for professional use only. SUPER-PRO is sold exclusively to the wholesale plumbing market. 

Thrift Super Pro Acid bottles photoThrift SUPER-PRO Acid
Works on:

  • Small Drains
  • Waste Lines
  • Traps
  • Tubs and toilet bowls
  • Shower Stalls

Instantly Dissolves:

  • Paper and Cloth
  • Grease and Fat
  • Hair
  • Soap
  • Feminine Napkins
  • Other Organic Matter

The Super-Pro Difference:

Thrift SUPER-PRO Acid Other Acid Drain Cleaners
SUPER-PRO has a low odor. Obnoxious odors and fumes.
SUPER-PRO is less volatile when poured into water. Violently reacts with water causing blow-back.
SUPER-PRO is environmentally safe. Some may be harmful to septic systems.

Thrift SUPER-PRO Heavy Duty Acid Drain Cleaner is available to the wholesale plumbing market in the following sizes (sold per case):

  • SP-32 Quart (12 per case)
  • SP-64 Half-Gallon (6 per case)

To order Thrift SUPER-PRO for your business, please go to Wholesalers/Distributors-Where to Buy. For SUPER-PRO pricing and shipping information, please contact us using our email contact form.

Material Safety Data Sheet


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